Ax Jam Guitar Club

The Axe Jam Guitar Club is an opportunity for Pine River High School students to learn basic guitar technique and theory, or for those who already posses those skills to share them with fellow students. Each week a particular technique will be practiced and a song in which that technique is used will be played.  Some of the basic topics will include chords, chord progressions, and song writing.  The guitar club will meet on Wednesdays after starting February 8th.  We will meet in Mr. Buckmaster's room.  Mr. Buckmaster, Mr. Barber, and Mr. Phillips will be co-sponsors of the club and one or more of them will always be present to lead the group.   Participants need an acoustic guitar to participate.  If you do not have an acoustic guitar and are serious about participating, see Mr. Phillips to see if a loaner guitar might be available.  To sign up, click on counseling on the student page and then click on Guitar Club

CLICK HERE to sign up.